Your service of treating our eight lodging buildings on the McGuire section of the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst for bed bug and dust mite prevention has provided a bug free year of service for our guests. Thanks for a great job, your crews were professional and respectful of our employees and properties

United States Air Force

I've been living with asthma all my life and rarely slept through the night without feeling a certain degree of discomfort or difficulty breathing. Lately, I've been sleeping like a baby and waking up refreshed. Thanks, Hygienitech.

M. Dunlap

I used to run to the medicine cabinet first thing in the morning to get my eye drops. I though it was something I had to live with. What I didn't know is that it was something I could live without. Hygienitech opened my eyes.

L. Henderson

We are pleased to let you and your other customers know that since you treated the rooms of some of our residents who suffer from respiratory problems like asthma in November, they say they have been feeling better, particularly in the mornings. Also, treating the mattress in the manager's house has made the living in there more comfortable and reduced my frequent hay fever attacks.

P. Sutinen

I have always dreaded hay fever season, since my allergies go from mild to unbearable. But after having my mattress serviced, hay fever season is walk in the park compared to what I used to experience everyday. Thanks to the Hygienitech service, I don't have to take allergy medicine during the hay fever season. Thank you!

B. Copper

I thought that the more money I spent on a mattress, the better I'd sleep. It wasn't until I had my mattress cleaned that I really knew what a good night sleep meant. I wake up rested, and ready to take on the day, even before my first cup of coffee.

C. LaPointe

We have had our motel's mattresses cleaned by Hygienitech for the past year and have had nothing but compliments from our guests. They are always coming to us and saying what a great night's sleep they have gotten with us and asking what types of mattresses we use. After telling them our mattresses are nothing different than what they may have at home, we tell them the difference is Hygienitech. Our guests return time after time and won't stay anywhere else in town. Thank you for helping our business.

C. Johnson

Before we had our mattresses, sofa, curtains, carpets and pillows professionally services by your local Hygienitech business, both my wife and I would be looking for our eye drops and nasal sprays whenever we woke up in the morning. I just assumed it was something we had to live with whether it was summer or winter or just about anytime in between. A friend of ours told us about Hygienitech and it's made a world of difference in our house. Thanks for opening our eyes to just how irritating the allergens in our home can be!

P. Miller
Sidney, Austrailia

I booked the free allergen test and was totally embarrassed by the amount of 'nasty's living in my 2-year old hypo-allergenic mattress. I told the Hygienitech technician that he couldn't possibly leave without getting rid of these awful creatures. He cleaned and sanitized three mattresses in my flat, plus the carpet, sofa and most of my children's toys. Now I know for certain that my family is living in the healthiest environment possible. I even booked my next 2-years servicing with him on the spot!

C. Hasgrove
London, UK.

Once we had our second child, my wife and I moved from the city to a new house in the suburbs. Once we were settled in, all of us seemed to be sneezing a lot, as well as suffering from sinus problems and frequent headaches. We called a local home inspection company, not knowing what they might find. They checked for asbestos, radon, mold, mildew and even the type of drywall that we had, but everything checked out fine. My wife had seen a segment on the Dr. Oz TV show about dust mites and decided to look into it further. Thanks to the internet, she was able to learn about Hygienitech and their anti-allergen and dust mite removal services. Fortunately for us, there was a Hygienitech services provider in the next town and after only one visit, it's like we're living in a whole new place. No more symptoms, no more headaches, no more dust mites. Who would have ever thought these little creatures we the source of our problem. Now we know!

M. Butler
Westchester, NY.



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