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The USA’s leading manufacturer of Green, Chemical-Free Mattress and Upholstery Cleaning and Sanitizing Systems


The versatile Hygienitech System includes all of the equipment and supplies to clean, sanitize and remove harmful allergens from Mattresses, Pillows, Chairs, Sofas, Curtains, Carpets, Children's Toys, hard, non-poroud surfaces and more.


All our systems come with a 3-year warranty!

• 1 - Hygienitech's clutch-activated (self-propelled) mattress cleaning, sanitizing, and allergen-removal machine with self-contained, shielded UV-C Germicidal Light and HEPA Filtration System

• 1 - Custom-made, lightweight carrying case with built-in wheels and retractable handle for ease of transporting

• 6 - Additional  High Capacity HEPA Filter Dust and Debris Collection Bags - Note: each HEPA bag is good for servicing between 125 and 150 mattresses

• 1 - Custom Quick-Change Test Cloth Adapter Nozzle

• 2 - Test Application Collection Cloths

• 10 - Acarex Allergen Test Kits - Note: these exclusive Hygienitech kits require only 1 minute to obtain an accurate reading of the amount and degree of dust mite infestation

• 1 - Hygienitech Mini-Lab Kit - Used for carrying all your test materials. Includes sterile mouth protectors, rubber gloves, and other test evaluation materials and supplies

• 1 - Hygienitech Upholstery Tool and Accessory Pack - all the plug in attachments needed to treat every contamination gathering item in the home or multi-bed facility (chairs, sofas, curtains, draperies, carpets, children's stuffed toys, and more)

• 1 - Hygienitech Hand-Held UV-C Light designed to be used when treating hard-to-reach areas as well as hard surfaces

• 200 - 4-color Sleeping with the Enemy Consumer Sales Brochures

• 50 - Service Reminder Labels. Placed on the top corner of the mattress showing the date of service and the date the follow-up service is recommended

• 1 - Sample Hotel Allergen-Free mattress Tent Card. Used by hotels and other multi-bed facilities to provide assurance to their guests that the mattress they are sleeping on is dust mite, allergen, and bacteria free

• 1 - Comprehensive Hygienitech Training, Operating and Marketing Manual and Training DVD - Shows all procedures and applications in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step method

• 1 - 32-oz spray bottle of our all natural Eco-Works Anti-Allergen Neutralizing and Sanitizing Solution

• 1 - 24-oz spray bottle of Urine and Blood Stain Remover

• 30 - Customized Advertisements for newspapers, yellow pages, magazines, flyers, door hangers, and other promotion - all in an easy to manipulate electronic format. No graphic skills required

• 1 - Promotional In the News DVD for customer presentations

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Customized Equipment list packages available upon request.