Hygienitech Systems LLC, founded in 1999, originally focused on providing mattress cleaning and sanitizing services. We did so after discovering that the mattress cleaning and sanitizing business was a mature service industry throughout Europe which began in the early 1980's. Our extensive research uncovered the fact that there were thousands of businesses in Europe providing mattress cleaning and sanitizing services to both the private sector and thousands of multi-bed facilities on a regular basis.

Our further market research revealed that there were no similar, dry and chemical-free services being performed anywhere throughout North America. The only somewhat related services targeting the problem of mattress contamination was being done by a few carpet cleaning companies-- and only in very rare instances did they promote this service due to the inherent problems encountered when using a wet or steam process. Carpet cleaners were also faced with the inherent problems associated with using the same equipment designed for carpeting to clean and sanitize the mattress.

We started Hygienitech by importing a system manufactured in Europe so that we could establish a prototype service operation in South Florida. The business grew faster than we anticipated and within a few months we were importing additional systems to handle the growing client base. However, the machines we were importing were not designed for the American market (220 Volts vs. 110/120 Volts) and their antiquated technology and overall design characteristics made them difficult to use as well as unreliable.

It was at this point that we assembled a group of professionals from the manufacturing, electronics, marketing and medical sectors to explore the possibility of manufacturing our own technologically advanced, compact, lightweight and much more versatile system. Once the design was completed, several cutting-edge Hygienitech systems were thoroughly tested in the field for more than one year and the results and reliability exceeded our expectations.

Shortly afterward, we launched the Hygienitech Authorized Service Provider program so that individuals and businesses around the world could establish their own independent operations using the Hygienitech system.

In June of 2010 we opened a Hygienitech office in Macau, China to support and further expand our Asian, Middle East and European authorized service providers, which we refer to as "dealers."

The rest truly is, as they say, history. At the start of 2011, just eleven years from the time Hygienitech was created, we now have over 800 independent Hygienitech service providers operating thousands of Hygienitech systems in 62 countries around the world.

Today, Hygienitech service providers are no longer just focusing on just providing mattress cleaning and sanitizing services. Hygienitech "dealers" now offer a complete range of anti-allergen and contamination elimination services for both the residential and commercial market. Our process eradicates everything from dust mites to bed bugs and everything in between.

While manufacturing mattress cleaning and sanitizing systems will remain the core part of our business, the fact is that our system has evolved to the point where there is virtually no surface or area that cannot be treated. And it's all done using a completely dry and "green process" without any chemicals-- so there's nothing that can harm the operator or the customer.

What we would like to stress is that like all successful businesses, Hygienitech is always evolving and we are here to help you build a successful and lucrative business providing high-demand and high-profit Hygienitech anti-allergen and contamination elimination services. We are also here to listen to you, entertain your ideas and react to your feedback. Your success is the foundation for our continuing success as the leader in this industry.



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