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Tips to Keep Remote Workers Productive

By Hygienitech, Aug 15 2016 02:22PM

Owning a home business/small business means you probably work remotely and have remote workers. The growth in the number of people working remotely is well documented. By 2020, the number of mobile workers in the U.S. alone is expected to grow to more than 105 million.

It’s easy to become distracted from the task at hand during conference calls on a mobile device. More than eight in 10 workers admitted they’ve worked on tasks unrelated to the call. Still, the majority of workers – 64 percent – prefer to use a mobile device to make a call.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic potion or incantation that guarantees you’ll meet every deadline that comes your way. But, there are specific strategies that enable you to be as productive as possible. Here are some you should consider whether you are the employer or employee:

Pick your spot well – To be truly productive, you need to devote your time and concentration on the task at hand. Without a location that facilitates your ability to focus, you’re less likely to produce the kind of work you and your employer expect, want and need.

Be an expert task manager - Without a plan to manage your time and tasks, working remotely can be challenging. There’s only so much time during the day to which you can dedicate your best work, so make certain that you devote a certain segment of your day to working a specific project. Then, set aside time to tackle more administrative tasks, such as responding to a quick email, text or making calls.

Take advantage of technology – With the rise in mobile technology, it’s fairly straightforward to find the tools you need to be more efficient and productive.

Share all relevant information – One of the keys to productivity is being able to not only get access to but also share relevant information and data with your colleagues. With the help of mobile apps remote workers can make use of both digital and physical documents, making sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Finally, remember that working remotely is your chance to accomplish multiple goals – either helping your company pin down new business development initiatives or getting to a few last minute items on the way to your well-deserved vacation. Regardless, make certain you’ve created a solid strategy that helps you accomplish everything that requires your attention.

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