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Local Publicity For Your Hygienitech Business

By Hygienitech, Sep 3 2016 12:00PM

Obtaining Local News Coverage

Ever wonder why certain some of the local companies and businesses in your area get local media attention again and again … and again? Yes, it may be that some people of the people involved in these companies and businesses are natural marketers and some of the others have put big dollars into outsourcing to the experts, but many business owners simply pound the pavement to build media relationships. It really isn’t that difficult and with a little effort you can do it too, even if you’ve never done anything like this before.

What you need to do is approach it as collaboration, a partnership of sorts. The fact of the matter is that media needs news; and you need coverage. But you’ve got to put in some time and effort.

Here are some simple tasks.

Do a little reconnaissance: Have you researched editorial calendars, specific sections or media kits? It’s merely a matter of contacting all of the local newspapers, magazines, TV and Radio Stations in your area and asking them to send you their media kit.

While it is true that newspaper subscriptions and readership numbers are declining, the fact is that older demographic groups still rely on newspapers for their news. Not everyone gets their news from the internet.

Expand from the usual suspects: Target the right news organization; your local newspaper isn’t the only game in town. Hone in only on the writers, bloggers and producers that are covering topics relevant to your business and coverage area.

Make it easy: Journalists are always on deadline. Develop your pitch and do the work for them.

Perfect the follow-up: Following up should be prompt and courteous. And it’s not a task for one of your employees or associates, or even an intern—you need to do it personally. Remember, your efforts aren’t only to get your latest news covered, it’s also about planting a seed. If you present yourself as an expert, when there’s a need, the news organization will be more likely to reach out for input or support. Give it and you’ll get it back.

There’s also something else you need to realize. Historically, people believe what they see or read in the news when it’s presented in an editorial format. Human nature makes a lot of people very skeptical of advertising, especially when it makes outrageous claims.

Keep you advertising simple, easy to read and right to the point. Some excellent examples are found in advertising materials that came with your Hygienitech system, such as the ads that feature the line, Call us today for a FREE in-home contamination test. If you talk to any seasoned advertising professional, they will tell you that the word FREE is still one of the best ways to get people’s attention.

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